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A brain tumor?

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Okay, I am 16 yrs old. Since I was a baby I have had ear problems I usto bleed from them t'ill i was like 2 or 3. My ear problems got worse, i didnt bleed anymore but the pain got worst. I have been having fainting problems and head nocked down but never really went to doctor for it. I have headache almost everyday, I feel nauseated but don't necessearly throw up. I feel like I will pucke tho. My left arm and leg keep having this weird pain. My right side of the head feels like its heavier at times and my ear feels disbalanced aswell. I also have huge mood/emotional jumps in class and at home mostly during the day. I wake up due to pains sometimes in the night between 2:30am and 4:30am... I try not to vent or complain about the pain so ppl don't think I am speaking non sense... 3 days ago I had an MRI but my Doc didn't call me so I am guessing everything is "fine" ....Someone please help me..should I worry?!. Can brain tumors go undetected by an MRI????? If so does my "story" sound like it?

I am in pain and worried!!!!
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