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a bleeding cut, unconsciousness, seizure, now Fatigue?

My boyfriend cut his finger and bleed quite a bit. Later that night it started bleeding again, and he became unconscious. He was very pale. He then had a seizure. I was calling 911 when he became conscious again and he refused to go to the hospital because we couldn't afford it. He doesn't want to see a doctor. After some research, we think he went into hypovolemic shock. He's very fatigued and just doesn't feel right. Is this normal to feel after going into shock? Or should he see a doctor?
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replied February 19th, 2014
Just in case no one has responded to this yet in other areas besides this forum, to go into hypovolemic shock you generally need to loose a ton of blood (20-30% of your total blood volume), so that would be almost impossible from a cut in the finger unless you had a bleeding disorder.

What it sounds like you are describing would be a tonic-clonic seizure, which does typically begin with a person freezing up, loosing consciousness, and then shaking their limbs and body in repetitive back and fourth motions.

Here is the wikki page that describes these seizures 3clonic_seizure . Usually in a person that has just one seizure, it is not caused by anything specific (like a disease). If your boyfriend started to have multiple seizures, it would be important that you went to a doctor to get checked for epilepsy or other possible causes of recurrent seizures.

Also, it is common for a person to feel just that way during what is called the Post-Ictal period after waking from a seizure. It is also common that the person would not remember the seizure, especially if they had lost consciousness
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