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The Big Book of Juices Review

May 26th, 2012 by mike

The Big Book of Juices – More Than 400 Natural Blends for Better Health and Vitality Every Day Review

Product Description:

The Big Book of Juices: This healthy recipe book gives you 405 great fruits and vegetableBig Book of Juicesrecipes for juices and smoothies. Each and every recipe within the book is given a complete five star rating that is based on its nutrients, key ingredients, and health benefits. Within this review I will be talking about the positive and negative features of the Big Book of Juices and telling you what I thought of it.

Good Points:

1) Creativity:- Im fairly new to juicing and smoothies but my first impression was that it cant be that difficult. After all you just have to blend or squeeze fruits and vegetables. I truly didn’t see why you would have to have a recipe book to assist you in making juices. I believed it was just going to be as easy as selecting your favorite fruits and vegetables and either putting them in a blender or put them in a juicer. Having said that, The Big Book of Juices actually was an eye opener. The recipes that are contained inside this book are incredibly creative and quite tasteful. I seriously didnt fully understand how much you could do with juice and smoothies. I wouldn’t have though of using some other ingredients such as herbs, carbonated water, spices, milk, vanilla, tea or yogurt and I clearly wouldnt have thought of mixing fruits and vegetables with them.

2) Number Of Recipes:- There are 405 recipes so Im not likely to be running out of options at any time soon. Even in the event I try one new recipe each day, thats still more than a years worth of recipes. The majority of the other juicing books I have seen will not even come close to the number of recipes in this book so Im really pleased with this part of the book.

Bad Points:

1) Variety of Recipes:- The one and only complaint when it comes to The Big Book of Juices is that is there are many more juicing recipes than there are smoothie recipes. But just to be fair, the name of the book doesnt refer to smoothies at all so I am grasping at straws here. So if you are looking more for smoothie recipes than you are for juicing recipes, than this is something to think about.


The Big Book of Juices – More Than 400 Natural Blends for Better Health and Vitality Every Day is a top notch book that over delivers in several areas. It brings together ingredients that you may have never even thought of. With this book you can create tasty, refreshing, juices and recipes. By having access to 405 recipes, you probably won’t need any other book on this subject. I certainly cant say enough great things here about what this book has to offer so if you want to get healthier, then get yourself a copy of this book and begin enjoying all the benefits of the juicy goodness.

Get “The Big Book of Juices” here:

The Big Book of Juices: More Than 400 Natural Blends for Health and Vitality Every Day

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