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Fun and Easy Ways to Exercise With the Kids

April 26th, 2012 by mike


Today I have a guest post fromJanet Lynch discussing exercises for kids and how you can get involved with them.


In most cases, kids are naturally active. Because they are typically using energy by playing, running, or involving themselves in a neighborhood game of kickball, it may not always be necessary to place them in specific structured exercise related events.


However, if your child needs a little motivation to put down the X-box and become more physically active, there are number of ways that you can involve them in rewarding activities that are both easy and fun.



exercises for kids

While most kids today are well aware of video and computer games, it is a good idea to also teach them some of the oldies but goodies such as hide and seek or duck, duck, goose. These activities will keep their mind and body active as they react to the challenges of the games. And, it never hurts the adults to go back in time at least for a little while to reminisce.




Depending on what area of the country you live in, a snow day can provide the perfect excuse to go out and have some good physical fun while sledding down the nearest hill. This can also offer you and your child a good bonding experience while pulling the sled back up the hill in preparation for another race!


Family Bike Rides


Riding bikes has always been a great pastime for kids. Yet with todays computer generated entertainment, it seems that fewer kids are taking part in this fun and physical activity. With this in mind, this is one of the best exercises for kids that you can try getting the whole family together on the next nice weekend and head to a bike trail.


Most areas of the country have trails that can span anywhere from just a few miles to 20 or more. This activity can be even more fun if the trail you choose is located in a particularly scenic area.




Dancing can be a great way to get your child involved in a fun type of exercise. Even small children ages 2 or 3 love to hear music and bounce to the beat. This type of activity can also improve mental mood too, as the music typically tends to lighten the spirit.


Ice Skating / Roller Blading


Many kids today would love to learn how to skate. Similar to finding a bicycle trail, you may also find trails through parks or other scenic areas where you and your child can roller blade. Likewise, most areas also have an ice skating rink in close proximity where you can show your child how to start, stop, and turn with ease. In doing so, you will also help your child to improve their overall balance and stamina.


The Bottom Line


Regardless of the actual exercises for kids that you choose, your child will likely have fun by simply learning a new skill and then improving at it as time goes on. You could also find a side benefit with your child attaining special talents such as skating, as this could possibly lead to more organized activities such as high-school or college sports team participation.


Janet Lynch is a big advocate of healthy living. Her favorite way to stay fit these days is throughthe ease of delivery diet programs that send her the tasty, affordable, and healthy meals herbody needs.


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