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Benefits of Kettlebell Training

March 9th, 2012 by mike

Benefits of Kettlebell Training

A Lifeline Kettlebell will give you a greater range of motion that can lead to increased muscular endurance and other great benefits. Kettlebells are much harder to control over dumbbells due to the displaced center of gravity. This will cause a demand being placed on agility, coordination, and the important core stabilization. Such benefits as increase stability, increase in range of motion, flexibility, and muscle endurance can all be achieved with Kettlebell training.

When it comes to choosing the right gym equipment it is crucial to find something that will help you in reaching your goals and Kettlebells are a great piece of exercise equipment to do just that. Kettlebell training van be used by athletes and non athletes and to the average person.

One of the main benefits of Kettlebell training is the reducuction in bodyfat and the increase in lean muscle mass. Kettlebell training is great for weight loss as it can be combined with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for the ultimate weight loss solution. You can shred the fat and destroy your weight loss plateaus.You can really get your heart rate and breathing going, which makes Kettlebells great for cardio routines. A 20 minute workout using Kettlebells will help target many different muscle groups and will provide cardio benefit , not to mention using up tons of calories.

I have included some kettlebell training videos here for you!

Kettlebell training is a great for the athlete that is looking for an edge over their competitors. Kettlebell training can target the entire body in different ways that the average dumbbell just can not achieve. This is accomplished by the shift in gravity that occurs when using Kettlebells. This shift in gravity occurs because the handle is offset to the center of the weight, something that cannot be achieved with a dumbbell.

Kettlebell training can also be used for strength training as it will push you to new levels you my never have reached. Kettlebell training consists of three main movements. The swings, cleans, and presses are the movements that Kettlebell training is based on. When you take a look at kettlebell training programs androutines, you’ll notice that the foundation of many of the movementsis the kettlebell swing, and from there, the moves will require you to perform a type of power clean. Therefore, you should first master how to do the kettlebell swing, and then the kettlebell clean, and then you can move on to other movements.Cleans and presses have been great strength training exercises used for many olympic style lifts and now with Kettlebells you can do these movements at home.

Check out some Kettlebell training videos!

Don’t have much time to train? Let Kettlebell training be your solution. It will only take a few minutes ro get that heart rate up and to start burning calories. It doesn’t matter if it is strength training, conditioning, or fat loss, you can do it effectively and quickly. The little room Kettlebells takes up and the effectiveness of the workouts, you have no excuse not to train. Grab some Kettlebells today and start getting the benefits.

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