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Are Your Ab Workouts Wasting Your Time?

June 18th, 2011 by mike

It is probably the most sought after thing in every gym and for every gym member. I am talking about abs. All across the land people are doing their ab workouts religiously, only to get disappointed in their results. If your ab workouts are not getting results, then maybe more than just your ab workouts that are the problem! It may be time for a new approach.abworkouts

I see it everyday. Someone walks into the gym and immediately walks over to the ab machine and begins another one of their ab workouts. After finishing the machine, it is time for some crunches. After doing these ab workouts for some time and not seeing results don’t you think something is wrong. Well there is.

Abs Are Made In The Kitchen

If you think ab workouts alone is the way to get abs, you are mistaken. The truth is ab workouts is just a small piece of the puzzle to achieving better abs. In order to have the rock hard, chiseled ab look, you must remove the fat that is covering your abs.

Proper nutrition is the biggest step over all the ab workouts in the world when trying to get better abs. Keeping your body fat level low is the only way to see your abs. If you are holding fat in your stomach area then you need to spend more time worrying about your diet than worrying about your ab workouts.

Burn Baby Burn

The next step that is more important than ab workouts is burning the calories. This works with what I just talked about in losing bodyfat. Proper nutrition and cardio training are the keys to getting rid of the fat. Burning more calories than you take in will result in weight loss and lower body fat. Cardio training is essential over all the abs workouts to achieving better abs.

When doing cardio training, it is very important to take it to another level and really push. High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT), is a great way to burn calories. You can do an hour on a treadmill but if you do not have it at a level that is pushing you, then you are just wasting time. Cardio training should be no less than 20 minutes. The more you do the more you burn. Switch it up. Do not do the same cardio routine all the time. When you mix it up, you will find your body will not have a chance to adapt.

The Finishing Touch With Ab Workouts

It is only when you have your nutrition and cardio training all planned out that you can really concentrate on your ab workouts. Without the other two, your ab workouts will be a waste.

When it comes to your ab workouts, you must remember that your abs are a muscle and there is no need to train them everyday. As with any other muscle, your abs need to get rest to recover also.

Ab workouts should also be switched up. You do not want to do the same ab workouts all the time. Your abs need to be stimulated with weight also, so do not be afraid to use exercises that use weights. Ab workouts that train the different sections, lower,obliques,and upper, can also be done. You can then mix in other exercises like planks and wood-chops, that do not directly hit the abs but are great for overall core work.


Whatever ab workouts you perform, none of them will give you results without proper nutrition and cardio training. Ab workouts are the final piece of the puzzle, but the puzzle of your abs can be solved!

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