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How to Decrease Bilirubin Level

February 16th, 2011 by snowmyst

  Bilirubin Some of my friend and relative are asking  me about why their Bilirubin are high.  Here what I found about Bilirubin level, causes and natural treatment that can lower the Bilirubin level.

When your bilirubin is increased, it usually means that there is a problem in your liver or your red blood cells are being destroyed too quickly. When bilirubin is greatly elevated, then a person may appear jaundiced (yellow) in their skin and in the whites of their eyes (sclerae).

 High levels of bilirubin in the blood may occur because either too much bilirubin is being produced or not enough bilirubin is being eliminated. 

High bilirubin can be caused by some infections (such as an infected gallbladder, or cholecystitis) or by certain inherited enzyme deficiencies. Gilbert's syndrome, an inherited condition that affects how the liver processes bilirubin, is a common cause of increased blood levels of bilirubin. Although jaundice may occur in some people with Gilbert's syndrome, the condition usually is not harmful.

How to Decrease Bilirubin Level

You can try to decrease your bilirubin level naturally using below advice or if your bilirubin is quite high then ask your doctor for further test to be done:

  • Fruit juice and vegetable juice contain plenty of natural vitamins like vitamin B-complex, vitamin C; they are valuable in elimination of bilirubin.
  • Juice of Echinacea and golden seal juice should be taken twice in a day to decrease bilirubin.
  • Honey stimulates bile production; one teaspoon of honey mixed in water can be consumed once in a day regularly.
  • Sugarcane juice also helps to flush out excess of bilirubin from the body.
  • Foods such as radish, tomatoes and coconut water can help in decreasing bilirubin level.
  • Barley water taken several time in a day helps in decreasing bilirubin level.

- Home Remedies to Decrease Bilirubin Levels There are many reasons when the liver is unable to handle to toxic load over it and at that tome bilirubin starts to build...

I hope this info helps....as always be well and stay healthy....


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dear sir,i hope you are fine.i am Rashid 25 Years old.my bilirubin level is.
please guide to me natural food or fruit for control indirect bili level.i am waiting your good response.Thanks
on 07-23-2013 00:56am by rashidsohail13
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