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April 2nd, 2012 by RabbiMitch63
There is no solution. Seek it lovingly.
For those of us old enough to have been raised on POGO, we know from where Walt Kelly speaks in his quote, above. If you are not familiar with the wry genius of this comic strip, Google Pogo comic strip and learn why this comic strip shaped so many minds for so many years.
Pogo combined both sophisticated wit and slapstick physical comedy in a heady mix of allegory, Irish poetry, literary whimsy, puns and wordplay, lushly detailed artwork, irresistible characters and broad burlesque humor. The same series of strips could be enjoyed on different levels both by young children and by savvy adults. 
The beauty of Walt Kelly's genius was that he helped many shape the notion that there truly was no solution, but that the journey and search were what mattered most. 
In choosing to become a Rabbi in South Florida, Spiritual Counselor and Sober Coach, I was able to integrate and appreciate the insights that made POGO so special. In turn, I have been able to help my clients do the same. That escaped me for many years as I kept seeking the answers even when I did not know the questions. If I had a few buzz words I could make an argument and refute what you knew. I did not have to know anything to tell you that you were wrong. 
I have learned much in the past number of years that has led me to a place of joy in my search for it is in the search that I find meaning and purpose, not the answers. My search includes meeting people and knowing that they were supposed to be a part of my journey. I do not have to know why they are there. I just have to know that they belong in my path and I can find joy in that simple notion.
The solution is that there is none. How powerful a belief is that? I no longer have to know answers or questions. I just have to know and trust that whatever I know and wherever I am is the right place at that moment.
My prayer for you today is that you find peace and comfort in not knowing and joy in that being your solution.
Modern and independent South Florida Sober Rabbi with an MSW Degree and 23+ years of sobriety providing Sober Coaching and Addiction/Spiritual Counseling focusing on energizing, affirming, motivating, healing, spiritual guidance and personalized life cycle events. 
If you, a family member or friend are suffering, call me at 954-755-3764 to get the help you deserve.
Hugs and blessings for a joyous day!
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