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April 18th, 2012 by michael seres
so much has happened in the last week and unfortunately I am writing this whilst sitting on my hospital bed in bowel transplant HQ.

I came in for my usual scope and biopsy last Thursday and to be honest they had gone well. The real trouble started the day before. Output had gone to over 2 Litres and I was sick several times over. Sadly a large part of the output had come over night and had resulted with me having to spend half an hour in the shower at 3am. I'm sure you can work out why.

So after the scope my surgeon was concerned that dehydration had already set in and he asked me to stay in. A quick run round the local shops to pick up over night essentials and a pair of comic David Beckham boxer shorts and I was back in the ward in room 2. Oh don't ask about the boxers let's just say they were cheap.

After a couple of days of fluids and some blood results I was put on some antibiotics and thought that I would only be there another day or so. My wife and kids came up on Saturday and we had a lovely few hours together and when they left we all assumed that I would be home very soon.

Ten minutes later I found myself shaking and frozen and almost fainting on my bed. That night was a tough one. Temperature spikes, shivers and shakes followed by hot sweats and my Stoma output went from 2L to zero in one day and to top it all I was vomiting like a trouper.

That night I had the usual blood tests, urine and stool tests. Maybe too much detail but hey you may as well know. Over the next couple of days the temperatures have stabilised a bit. Unfortunately it seems that I have developed 3 different infections, in the blood stream, in the urine and stool. In addition my inflammatory markers usual shown in your white cell count had doubled. Thankfully they have no dropped a bit. The final icing on the cake was that I had become dehydrated very quickly and just over 4 litres were put in to my body intravenously in quick succession.

Right now I am much better hydrated. Am on different antibiotics whilst they wait for the bugs to grow more and they can try and identify the source.

My biggest upset is my Picc line. This is the line permanently in a vein to enable me to do my anti sickness injections three times a day. Well guess what, yesterday it burst. So now the tip has been sent off to test for infections. I'd there is one at the site then its bye bye Peter the Picc. If it's clear then I will have a new one inserted. So fingers crossed please all of you.

Tomorrow I will have been here a week and I suspect that I have a few days to go. In truth I haven't felt this lousy in ages. The only way I can describe it is very bad flu with headaches, joint aches, back ache and belly ache.

As always the care here is superb. I cannot fault them. my surgeon who is away at the moment texts me daily with updates and to check on me and also speaks to his team all the time.

Probably the main thing I worry about is how this stay disrupts my kids and wife. The kids were really settled with me at home. They assumed I was going for a routine scope but I haven't been back since. My wife has all the coping to do on her own again but hopefully this time it really won't be for long and we will be a full family again soon.

So there you have the latest. I will let you know more as soon as I know. On the meantime its good night from Room 2 Bowel Transplant Head Quarters.

Michael Seres

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