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Are you ready to pay the price for better health?

August 25th, 2010 by Olwen Anderson

Is this you?


“I want to lose weight and develop a fabulous body, but I don’t want to exercise, and I don’t want to put any more effort than I do now into how I behave around food or the choices I make.”


“I want to get rid of this digestive pain, but I’m not prepared to stop eating any of the foods that could be causing the problem, even for a while”


Want a shapely body? Great skin? Enough energy to enjoy life all day long, and still have energy to spare for your family in the evenings? It’s there waiting for you, but you have to be willing to pay the price.


The price? What do you mean? Shouldn’t you expect to be able to eat whatever you want, exercise only when it suits, and still find your body maintaining the vitality and energy of childhood? Sadly, no. Like a car, your body performs at its best when you carefully maintain it; Your car works best when you use high quality fuel to the tank; regularly service the engine, and check the tyres. Your body works better with careful maintenance too.


The price of good health is the effort it takes to change.


Unfortunately, there’s no magic pill that will make up for years of neglect. Its going to take attention, and effort to retrieve your health and keep it.


Its always an interesting conversation when I  talk with potential clients. We discuss what they’d like to achieve. We explore their current approach to nutrition, and their fitness training regime. And I gently enquire about their attitude towards changing their diet, improving their fitness, managing their stress more effectively. If they’re going to be treated successfully, there’s going to be change. The clients who get the best results are the ones who are prepared to change.


But because so much of our culture now offers instant gratification, its tempting to think that a healthy body can be achieved just by swallowing a few supplements. The brutal truth is that if your body has fallen into ill health, its most likely due to a combination of poor diet and inadequate exercise, or poorly managed stress. All the supplements in the world can’t make up for this.


When you want to feel better, in the long term, you will need to address the reasons why you became unwell in the first place. Then everything will begin to fall into place. And gradually, maintaining your health becomes a joy rather than something you ‘have to’ do grudgingly.


So, what’s your approach to maintaining your health? Are you happy to embrace change?

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