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Why Is it Important to Exercise?

June 17th, 2012 by Nav Gill

Over the years, things have changed from a more agricultural age to an information age. That means instead of being outside and active every day plowing fields, gathering fruits, and milking cows, we get all that stuff at the store and after lunch get right back on the computer.We don't visit each other's houses as much: we just pick up our phone and so even we have less physical contact with people.
Thats mainly why people stayed in shape. Now, we have an epidemic of obesity. So yes, exercise keeps us in shape and helps up shed pounds, but I want to hit on another couple major positives that are just as important.
The points we all know about are:

  1. It helps you stay in shape- that way youre not winded climbing a flight of stairs
  2. It helps you lose weight- for which we have many benefits
  3. To build muscle- and dont forget, the more muscle you build, the more fat gets eaten up (muscles need fuel)
  4. It gets you moving- youve probably heard motion is life. Movement helps our joints and blood flow
  5. You sweat- sweating helps your body get rid of toxins
  6. Probably the most important- it makes you BREATHE

Breathing is extremely important when you exercise. When you inhale, you take in oxygen. Oxygen is used in most bodily reactions. Yep, so down to the cellular level, it is valuable. We all know we cant live without it.
You may think Hey doc, breathing is automatic. Im gonna do it whether I go to the gym or not. This is true, but let me tell you, when youre exercising youre going to be breathing a lot more. Just like sweating, it helps you get rid of toxins. But since oxygen is needed in almost every bodily reaction it helps you heal and stay healthy.
In fact, oxygen therapy is used to heal certain health conditions. They even have now what you call oxygen bars. A spot you can hang out where they give you a mask or a nasal canula to get more pure oxygen. People use it not only to help themselves get healthy but also stay healthy.
Who doesnt want to stay younger and healthier? This is one reason oxygen bars have become very popular.
In conclusion, exercising is important but one reason, we may not have known or dont think about is because it helps to oxygenate your body.
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