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What is this “Boney Hump” in my back and how do I get rid of it?

October 1st, 2010 by Nav Gill
Another question is often: what is a "dowagers hump" or a "buffalo hump"?Dowagers_hump This is a hump in the back of the neck most likely due to posture. Typically when you have forward head your cervical spine shifts forward and the upper back follows; this creates the hump. Worst case scenario it's like "ego" from "Frankenstein". To correct it, start doing head retraction exercises and use something like the traction pillow to restore posture. A true neck tractioning device may work much faster.When it is severe its often called a Dowagers Hump. This is often sometimes associated with spinal degeneration in the form of osteoporosis or osteopenia. These essentially mean a weakening of the bone. Fracture associated with this can be common too. What often happens is that the bones weaken, collapsing in the front (sometimes referred to as wedge fractures). This then forces the neck into forward head or even a reversed curve (khyphosis), and the upper back into an accentuated curvature that will appear as a boney hump in the upper back. If your doctor thinks true neck traction at a therapists office or a home will be too much for you to handle due to severe arthritis or degeneration, use a traction pillow. This traction will be much more gentle and help to restore neck and upper back posture.Additional Reading Resources

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