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Natural Occipital Neuralgia treatment discovered by Chance…

February 1st, 2011 by Nav Gill
First off, what exactly is occipital neuralgia? This is a pain and spasm associated with the occipital region of the head and the occipital nerves. The occipital nerves originate in the upper cervical spine. The occipital muscles are at the base of the skull in the back of the head. Occipital neuralgia
Pain with this condition tends to be a pain and or headache. It often starts out in the upper neck and back of the head but can travel to other parts of the head, most commonly behind the ears and eyes. Massage, PT, and chiropractic treatments may help significantly. Typically nerves get compressed from muscle inflammation. Massage and chiropractic adjustments help to loosen the muscles and spine allowing the inflammation to dissipate. The physical therapist may do muscle therapies along with exercises and stretches to achieve the same.
Alarmingly, Massage, PT, and chiropractic treatments are commonly the second recommended treatments for occipital neuralgia. Medications such as muscle relaxers and pain injections are often suggested to occipital neuralgia sufferers by their doctors first. Unfortunately, these do not have lasting effects and the problem soon returns. Medication should be your last resort for this condition.
The Miracle Of Arc4lifes Cervical Traction Neck Pillow

The traction pillow has significantly helped individuals with neck pain and headaches. However, arc4life has never specifically run any studies regarding occipital neuralgia. Over the period of a few years numerous individuals commented on how this neck pillow helped their condition. In fact arc4life has shipped this product to patients all over the US, United Kingdom and Australia specifically for this conditions.
Looking back, it completely makes sense because the pillow is specifically designed to improve the neck alignment relieving nerve pressure. It helps correct forward head posture and gives gentle traction. Forward head often contributes to the condition because it pulls on the muscles in the back of the head and often straightens the neck curve which reduces the room the nerves have to travel away from the spine.
If you or someone you know suffers from head or neck neuralgia, consider trying Arc4life Cervical Traction Neck Pillow
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I am 49yr old female and i have been having this pain in the back of my head for 2wks everyday it comes and goes it lasts 5 to 10 sec. I have been to the E.R twice ctscan normal put on percocet that didn't work went to my physcian they said it was a muscular issue precrible Flexeril that didn't work either went back to er and the physcian diagnois it as occipical neurolga and was prescrbe lodine and that is not working still having pain. Help me what should I do?
on 07-31-2011 09:18am by Chocolate49
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