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Is it possible to get rid of the hump on my neck?

October 9th, 2012 by Nav Gill
I recently came across this yahoo question about the humpback posture:
I have recently been developing a little hunch on my neck. I think that I am laying around too much, a lot of times at night I lay on the couch with my head bent forward, almost overly propped up with pillows. Is there any way to reverse this, or is it a permanent thing once it is here?

One of the culprits of the humpback posture is forward head posture.I am sure if you look around you can see people whose head and neck stick way forward from the rest of their body. That forward head posture is reinforced by also utilizing too many neck pillows at night. You are pushing your head and neck into an unnatural position- one that will create this posture. It can result in stiff neck, achyness, muscle spasm, tight muscles, loss of range of motion in the neck, neck pain and even headaches.
Treatment for hunch back postureMy recommendation would be start using an orthopedic neck pillow each night. This is far better then laying flat on one's back and also sleeping with too many pillows. Both of these scenarios can cause neck pain and create a bad posture for the cervical spine.
The best pillow for a hump on the neck is the arc4life cervical traction neck pillow. This pillow will help put your neck into the right position for sleeping. Yes this "hump on the neck" can be corrected but it will take some time. In addition to using the arc4life pillow, also consider doing neck traction to get the proper c curve in your neck.The best neck traction device would be the posture pump 1000. It works to get the curve in the neck reinforced. Most patients do 10-15 minutes a day and they are all set. Do the traction during the day, and using the traction pillow at night.
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Source: Is it possible to get rid of the hump on my neck?

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I have one too and my chiropractor said it can be corrected with a neck traction pillow. You start using it for two minutes a day and work up to thirty. Mine cost $50. He said it's caused by the neck vertebrae being straight instead of curved so the spine compensates for the extra weight of your head by pushing out the vertebrae at the bottom of the neck.
on 02-05-2014 21:12pm by Michele74
I would get this but I choke on my saliva when I sleep on my back.
on 09-24-2013 02:23am by subduedjoy
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