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Is It A Herniated Disc Or A Subluxation?

September 8th, 2012 by Nav Gill
Slipped-DiscLets quickly cover what both of these are. First, a herniated disc or a disc protrusion is when that cushion between your spinal bones gets damaged. More specifically, sort of like a flat tire, the disc protrudes or herniates outward and often flattens as well. There is more detail about a disc injury you can get into, for example, is it bulging, is it protruded or extruded, is it central or one sided, etc The bottom line is that if its not healthy and in position we will have nerve pressure and inflammation, and this means pain. Discs that are injured or are creating more nerve pressure will tend to break down quicker also. AKA Arthritis or Disc Degeneration.
Next, whats a subluxation? A subluxation is basically a misaligned vertebrae or joint. You can have a subluxation at L6 for example but also one of the acromio-vicular joint (thats part of the shoulder).
Remember that bottom line! Well, if a vertebrae is subluxated then that disc in between the bones wont be stable and adequately hold in place like it should be. And then what? Yep, youre right!-Pressure on nerves!-and then pain!
So technically whether you have a disc causing problems or a subluxation, putting things back in alignment will help overall to stabilize an area, keep the disc or discs happy, and prevent problems as well.
One more thing I wanted to mention about subluxations and that is that they can be individual like C5 or C6, for example, but they can also be global. This means a group of misalignments like C3 to C7. Think about it; lets say you dont have a good neck curvature. Chances are that it is not just C4 thats shifted forward straightening out your neck. Chances are that maybe half of your cervical (neck) spine is subluxated.
This brings me to one more point and that is that the spine will forge ahead. What am I talking about? What Im trying to say is that it will find a way to do things. Lets now say that we have a disc herniation at C6/C7. This just means the disc between the 6th cervical vertebrae and the 7th. This level may have the lost range of motion, pain, muscle spasm, etc Well, the body realizes this and C5 may try to pick up the slack. The only problem is that C5 may now start to break down or degenerate because it has additional stress on it because C6 has problems.
So if one has a herniated disc in addition to subluxation there may be some treatment options to consider but always try to re-align things first (in other words, correct the subluxation) because this may intern help the disc and remove nerve pressure eliminating symptoms like pain.
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