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I was Diagnosed with a Straight Neck- No Curve! What Things can I do to Fix my Neck, I now have the Traction Neck Pillow

May 30th, 2011 by Nav Gill
No curve in the neck If you already have the traction pillow, you are off to a good start. The neck roll built into the V or the neck roll on the Linear Gravity side will help hold and improve alignment while you sleep.
During the day, however, you must be aware of your posture. If you often work with your head down or where your head may creep forward you have to minimize this if you can. I find a lot of us who spend time at a computer or with their head down at their desk for multiple hours may get a certain amount of forward head posture and loss of the cervical curve. The best thing to do is move around periodically, take a full break if you need to, getting up and doing something else and coming back later.
Home exercises like head retractions will help, not to mention you can do this at work or in the car in addition to spending a couple minutes doing them daily.
Home traction will also be a big help. The pillow will give you some, but it is designed for only a gentle amount, so you can sleep better. A true home traction devise, like the Posture Pump 1000, is really needed. The Posture Pump allows your anterior longitudinal ligament to stretch back out to where it should be to keep your neck curve in place. With a straightening of the neck this ligament tightens thus hindering the normal cervical curve.
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