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" I am a Side Sleeper" What pillow should I Use?"

March 15th, 2011 by Nav Gill

At the Neck Pain Support Blog we get a lot of inquires into choosing the right pillows. People are pretty specific about their needs. Some people are looking for a pillow that will help them breathe better, others want their spouse to stop snoring ! Some like sleeping on their side, some on their back, some like foam- others prefer fiber. Sleeping Position is pretty popular. The consensus is that most people like to sleep on their side. Most people do move around while they sleep, so suggesting a pillow that one can sleep on both their side and back is usually the best choice.

One of my top recommendations is the arc4life linear gravity pillow. Heres the reason- most of us move around at night whether we know it or not. The linear gravity pillow, no matter if you move to the edges of the pillow or stay exactly in the middle, you will be very comfortable. This pillow is not so firm that its uncomfortable to move around or change positions.

Arc4life Linear Gravity Neck Pillow- Side Sleeping How to use the linear gravity neck pillow: First start by sleeping on your back, as this positiong gives the maximum support to the neck spine. Having the proper curvature in the cervical spine is very important. Like I said above, most people are not zombies when they sleep- naturally they move to their side which isperfectly normal. On your side the pillow will fill the gap between your head and neck and keep your spine level. In fact, I recently had someone inquire about getting the neck traction pillow. For him it would have been good but after he told me he was mainly a side sleeper, we changed gears and recommended the linear gravity pillow.

The linear gravity neck pillow, I find, is a little better for those of us who sleep mainly on their side. The traction pillow will hold you better in place on your back. With either pillow, I would recommend starting out on your back to get the value of the support roll under the neck to improve the neck curve.

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