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The Love Factor

February 14th, 2012 by momngabe
We love because God first loved us.
1 John 4:19

We were twenty-one when we met.

After two months of being together nearly every day, we thought we knew what love was...

A year later, we said our vows, and we really thought we knew what love was...

Fifteen years after that, we knew we knew what love was...

But you know the greatest thing of all?  Each time we know love, it grows.  Our love at the beginning wasn't ignorant, it was just new...the bud of a flower that had just begun to bloom.  With each new experience as a couple, that flower bloomed a bit more.  And even on this day, our sixteenth Valentine's Day as a couple, that flower still isn't finished blooming.  Our love has weathered many storms, and has only gotten stronger.  That flower stands tall, growing more beautiful with each passing year.

Happy Valentine's Day.  May this day fill your heart with God's love.
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