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Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement’s Challenge 66

November 6th, 2017 by Pamela R

On November 1st the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement launched Challenge 66, a month-long campaign to encourage you to leading a brain-healthy lifestyle.

Every 66 seconds a new brain develops Alzheimer’s. This challenge asks you to take 66 seconds to do something that stops the clock on Alzheimer’s. Get moving, get friends to join in, spread the word, share your story on social media with #Challenge66 and have fun. Lets work together to #endalz!

Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement, founded by Maria Shriver, is a global alliance of individuals, organizations, researchers, foundations, influencers and industry leaders committed to finding out why Alzheimers discriminates against women. We believe that by answering the question of why women are disproportionately affected by Alzheimers, we will unlock the other mysteries surrounding this mind-blowing disease and that will lead to a cure for all. Learn more about them here.

To download the challenge, click on the link:Challenge 66

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