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Recap: Seth Rogen Raises $400,000-Plus For Alzheimer’s At Hilarity For Charity

May 26th, 2013 by Pamela R

Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller

On Thursday April 25th at Avalon Hollywood in Los Angles, Hilarity for Charity the organization founded in 2012 by actor/comedian Seth Rogen and his wife Lauren Miller, held their 2nd annual fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Association. This year’s show entitled, Hilarity For Charity “House Party” raised over $400,000 during an evening that included Samuel Jackson, Kevin Hart, Mindy Kaling, and the Backstreet Boys to name a few.

This lady wasn’t able to make it unfortunately, but next year it’s a must. So for those of you who weren’t able to make it either, here’s a recap of the night from The Hollywood Reporter:

Kevin Hart joked about his DUI and the Backstreet Boys worked the crowd into a frenzy during Hilarity for Charity Presented by GIV Mobile which the actor organized with his wife Lauren Miller.

Seth Rogen and his wife Lauren Miller helped raise more than $400,000 to fight Alzheimer’s during an evening that saw Samuel L. Jackson show his sentimental side and Rogen dance on stage with the Backstreet Boys.

The second annual Hilarity for Charity Presented by GIV Mobile event, held at Avalon Hollywood, was personal for Rogen and Miller, whose mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at 55. The couple hopes to bring more attention to Alzheimer’s, which has also afflicted two of Millers grandparents.

In the 70s, things like cancer were very taboo to talk about. Now it is on the forefront of things that are getting charitable attention, Rogen told The Hollywood Reporter [5]. Bringing Alzheimer’s into the limelight is what were trying to do.

Miller said there are a lot of misconceptions about the disease, especially among younger people.

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Young people, unless theyve been touched by the disease, dont really understand Alzheimer’s and how its growing, she said. We want to focus on young people and their awareness of Alzheimer’s.

Researchers estimate as many 16 million Americans will suffer from the disease by 2050.

A number of stars who attended the event shared stories of loved ones who had Alzheimer’s, with the evening’s most poignant moment coming during a surprise appearance by Samuel L. Jackson.

The actor stayed true to his tough guy persona by insisting he wasnt going to tell a sad-ass story about Alzheimer’s. He went on to note his mother had died in November after suffering from the disease, as had multiple members of his family.

So I have the potential to be one of the people youre raising money for Jackson told the crowd. Its a pretty devastating disease but [those who have it] can also be very funny.

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Jackson recalled the hijinks that would ensue when his mother and aunt, both of whom had Alzheimer’s, would come stay with him. The women would hide their purses from his maid, whom they thought was a stranger, then theyd forget where the purses were hidden. Jackson and his family would have to spend hours looking for them. The women also loved to play charades, even if they couldnt quite grasp what they were supposed to be acting out.

“I enjoyed her life and I’m glad I had her,” he said of his mother. “You’re all here and you’re all going to be able to do something for a lot of people.”

Kevin Hart took the stage to joke about his recent arrest for suspected drunk driving [8], and took a dig at Reese Witherspoon, who was taken into custody [9] last week.

Stop judging because I got a DUI, Hart told the crowd. Reeses was much worse than mine. She talked back to the cop. I said Yes, sir, boss. I stumbled when I said it. Reese was like Do you know who the f–k I am? I would never say that. Thats followed by a billy club, he said.

Nick Kroll (FXs The League) navigated tricky waters by making a joke about the Boston Marathon bombings, calling attack was an awful, awful thing, but opining that it will inevitably it would become a punch line, so he might as well start now.

You know that there were like a couple Yankee fans that were like … Kroll said, pausing to give a shrug, … Curse of the Bambino.

He added: See thats a joke about Yankee fans, because the Yankee fans are the Laker fans of the Cowboy fans.

Near the end of the show, Rogen came on stage to read an email from Judd Apatow, who wrote he would match up to $15,000 in donations.

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If you dont donate, I will keep my money and spend it on private jets and Botox for my children, the email read. Maude has a wrinkle between her eyes I would like to smooth out, and Iris has some crows feet that look terrible on 10-year-olds.”

After Rogen worked the crowd into a frenzy with promises of enraging Apatow by making him pay up, Numb3rs alum David Krumholtz stepped up to make the $15,000 donation.

Hes had a lot to drink, so I just hope this is legally binding, Rogen said.

The Backstreet Boys closed out the evening with performances of Larger Than Life, Quit Playing Games With My Heart, and Everybody (Backstreet’s Back). The band also treated the crowd to a preview of a new song, Permanent Stain, which its members claimed was inspired by a young Rogen stalking them during their 1997 Backstreets Back Tour.

Seth used to hang out at all of our hotels, A. J. McLean said. I think it was my underwear that he stole off my bus at one point.

Rogen joined the boy band on stage during the final chorus of Everybody, doing a good job aping the band’s Thriller-inspired moves.

Other stars who performed during the evening include Mindy Kaling, Rob Riggle, Bo Burnham, Billy Eichner,Garfunkel & Oates, Ken Marino, and John Mulaney.

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