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Fred Mayer Votes on Walgreens – Express Scripts.

February 24th, 2012 by Jim Plagakis

Fred Mayer is the president of Pharmacists Planning Service. He opened his Sausalito, California pharmacy in 1962. That makes him older than JP. Fred may be older than dirt, but his head is still in the game.

In the “Final Word” column in the February, 2012 issue of Drug Topics, Fred is the author of a column entitled: “Walgreens Draws A Line In The Sand”. He ends by making the statement that Gregory D. Wasson, RPh, Walgreens CEO, deserves the highest accolade and award- the Remington Honor Medal – for drawing a line in the sand and emphasizing the need for reimbursement for pharmacy cognitive services.

Tell me what the Vulture CEOs deserve? The PBMs absolutely must be made to play fair or pharmacy as we know it is done for. So, what do we have? Grocery Stores. Big Box Stores and Drug Store companies advertising, “We Will Fill Your Express Script Prescriptions”. Pathetic. Here is a chance and they blow it. They are still locked in the idea that all we do is provide a product and the pharmacist is simply an expert clerk who runs the “Prescription Mill”. WAG, by the way, has a policy of sending Express Script patients to the local independents, if possible.

Take the time to read Fred Mayer’s Drug Topics column. It is really good. If you get the print edition, it should arrive any day. If you do not get the digital edition directly to you e-mail in-box, there is a link in the column to the right. Just click on the link and subscribe. No charge. The best topical source of news for the pharmacy industry is Drug Topics. The “JP at Large” column for February is provocative and appealing, if I do say so myself.

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