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A WAG Shareholder lets loose.

June 8th, 2012 by Jim Plagakis
This was sent to a lot of Walgreens email accounts today. It addressed to the CEO. Its hitting the fan.
Mr. Wasson,
As one of your fellow pharmacists, a customer, and a shareholder, I am
horrified by the direction the store has taken under your poor leadership.
When he opened his first store, Charles Walgreens announced,”We believe
in working, not waiting; in laughing, not weeping; in boosting, not
knocking and in the pleasure of selling products.”
That is no longer your philosophy. A good leader looks at both employees
and customers and tries to make the partnership workable and profitable.
Under your leadership, things have become progressively worse and you have
a lot of internal issues threatening the integrity of this company.
Your patients are not safe in your pharmacies. A five-year-old in Nashville
was given the wrong medication in spite of the pharmacy manager earlier
asking for more staffing to address the stress levels. Under your
leadership, medication errors have killed four patients and cost
shareholders more than $61,000,000 in verdicts against you. Throughout it
all, your staff is burned out and stretched to the max except you and your
board, sitting in comfortable chairs, calculating how many employees they
can afford to lose or how many patients can leave or die before things get
And while your latest victim was curled on the floor of his shower, dying
from a medication error, you rewarded yourself with a 36% raise.
That 36% raise also comes on top of Walgreens losing Express Scripts,
Anthem, Caremark, and soon Medco, and others, costing shareholders over
$6,000,000,000 in business. You are sadly willing to kiss off over billions
of dollars because other companies will not cater to you. What arrogance!
In front of the cameras, you tell pharmacists that there is no quota, there
is no pressure to rush through a prescription, but when the press leaves,
the pressure comes out to up the volume. Dollars cannot get into the cash
register fast enough to suit you, and there is absolutely no thought to
staffing needs, employee hours, or patient safety. Medication decisions are
not being made by pharmacists, they are being made by financial
bean-counters. They take raw data and decide that two minutes is a safe
amount of time to fill a prescription from data entry to pulling the
correct medication and counting the pills to pharmacist checking and
counseling the patient.
You are a pharmacist. Can you even pretend that two minutes is adequate
time? When was the last time you actually set foot in a pharmacy, let alone
worked at one? You have traded in your lab coat for a three-piece suit,
wiped the dust off your feet, and never looked back to see how the company
functions or fails to function. Who are you serving? Are you serving the
shareholders, who have suffered billions in lost business and wrongful
death lawsuits? Are you serving the staff, who are burned out beyond
functioning? Are you serving your customers, many who have survived
medication errors and some who have not?
I met you once and I am sure you have no recollection of that meeting. I
was totally unimpressed with your lack of leadership. I asked a simple
question and you responded that you would have to get back to me. The same
is true for company meetings. You insist upon questions beyond provided in
writing ahead of time. Has anyone ever gotten a straight answer from you
without your handlers cuing the teleprompter? And how does someone run a
company with absolutely no knowledge of it?
Please do not try to pass this off with some pre-worded answer about
rewiring for growth. Anyone in business knows that successful growth means
more customers and more employees, not round after round of employee cuts
and customers taking their no-longer-accepted insurance plans to your
competition. The Pharmacy That America Trusts is quickly turning into The
Pharmacy That America Avoids.
You have brought the Walgreens family name down and have a moral obligation
to resign. You have cost people their jobs, and you have put customers at
risk. Let someone lead the company who can bring employee morale to higher
levels, provide courteous service to customers, and grow the business as Mr. Walgreens intended, treating customers with decency and fairness, not
passing off a cut-rate job, and treating employees the way you would want
to be treated.
Someone Who Cares
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