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A Terrific Tech Is Bullied By Non-Pharmacist Management and the Pharmacists Turn Their Backs Because They Are Afraid

August 8th, 2012 by Jim Plagakis

The picture above is NOT our friend in the Rocky Mountain State. This technician is pretty. I happen to know that our friend at the Big Box Store in Utah is drop-dead, Hollywood gorgeous. I believe that they work for the same company.

We need to start paying attention to our technicians. Without them, we are screwed. What would you (a pharmacist) do with an insurance card from the Little Sisters of the Poor Elementary School in Keokuk, Iowa? At 9:30 PM, on a Friday night. With two cars at the drive-through. The second driver pissed off at the first driver and threatening to beat her up. The phone won’t stop ringing. Three people lined up at the register and the teenager is getting Advair for the first time. The doctor wrote on the Rx (Give instructions on use). You closed the drop off window. That helps, but the husband of the worker from Little Sisters of the Poor has had too many beers. He just shouted, “What the !**@!, man. Are you a pharmacist or not? Do your !**@! job or I’m coming back there to show you how.” Your mouth has chocolate smeared on it. You have to eat something. The bag of Fun Size Snickers is almost empty. Next come the Butterfingers. And you gotta pee. You really gotta pee.

Who wants to tell me that technicians are not important to our industry? Truth? They are treated like they are indentured servants.

I have exchanged e-mails with this woman. She knows her stuff. She is loyal and productive. She does not need to tolerate bullying. I suggest that she buy “The Dangerous Book for Pharmacists” and read about sexual harassment. Non-sexual bullying is included.

Here we go again. For Crissake what is wrong with her pharmacists? The bullies are non-pharmacists. They are not MBA Masters of the Universe. They started out with this company gathering shopping carts from the parking lot. They have NO Standing in the pharmacy. Come on, you guys, stop it. Stop letting them intimidate you. They are not even allowed in the pharmacy without your permission. Pharmacy is a profession. I know, hardy har. You can’t even find the time to holler, “Ma’am, your new Rx of Nexium may interfere with your Plavix”. !**@! it, your waiting time is puckering up your !**@!. You don’t have the time to counsel. Okay, don’t read that !**@! part if you are sensitive. Those of you who did read it know exactly what I am talking about. You are a professional failure. All 230,000 retail pharmacists in the USA fail all day long. I did a little searching. Get this, it is estimated that there are TEN preventable deaths from drugs EVERY DAY because the pharmacist did not live up to her/his duty to warn.

So, we have pharmacists with little back bone (Peon, you need to lecture them. They get their paychecks from the same place you get yours) and a really good technician who is regularly bullied by non-pharmacist management.

What to do? PharmacistSteve started this line of thinking a year ago. I like it a lot and pass it on every chance I get. The pharmacists can become bullet-proof just by writing a simple letter to the non-pharmacist middle manager and by sending a copy to the Corporate Compliance Officer. That is the company cop. All you do is write that it is your intention to comply with all pharmacy laws, both federal and state, in your job with XXX-XXXX. Make sure you add these sentences at the end. I believe that it is XXX-XXXX policy and procedure that all pharmacists comply with the law at all times, in every instance. Please advise me if this is not correct.

A pharmacist who writes this letter will be bullet-proof. Anything the company might do to try punish you could be considered retaliation. I believe that PharmacistSteve can expand on this part. Technicians live and work obligated to obey the law. I suppose a technician could write this letter, but she would never have to if the pharmacists wrote it. Guaranteed, they will leave you alone. This particular company is paranoid. They will seriously reprimand the non-pharmacist middle managers and that will be that.

For your protection. Document, document, document. Jay Pee

Visit www.unapproved link removed for more guidance.

I am a Certified Pharmacy Technician. I am not a Newbie. I have been around for awhile. I love my job! My current employer, not so much love there.

I started out in a soda fountain drug store delivering prescriptions, dipping cones and running the gift store. I was immediately hooked on pharmacy and to this day I love the relationships that I gain with patients and co workers.

Hometown Drug stores are, of course, a thing of the past. Now I work for a big box retailer. I’ve been here 12 yrs. There is nowhere else to go. I live in a Rocky Mountain state. Not that many technician jobs around here.

They threaten my job several times a day, making sure I realize what a peon I really am. I am not allowed to have so much as a drink of water in the pharmacy because I might be slipping a pill in it.

The pharmacists wont stand up for us because they are just as worried about keeping their jobs as we are. I once had my district manager tell me how important we all are, I quote “A warm body is better than nobody!”

We work all but three major holidays and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before we work them all. I’m underpaid, under-appreciated and over-worked. I often dream of going back to that good old hometown drug store, where people stopped for a Coke while they waited for their prescription and ended up visiting half the day away.
Maybe it’s time to shelve my counting tray, get on welfare and have some rosy cheeked little girl technician fill some Xanax (brand name only please) prescriptions for my personal use. That was meant to be funny. Me? Xanax? Not in a million years. I am a professional tech and I know that cooking with Xanax, Vicodin and Soma (and plenty of others) make for a dangerous, bitter stew. But, Xanax and Welfare seems to be working for so many people. At least in our town.

Thanks for letting me vent. Is that all we (pharmacy grunts) can do?

Rocky Mountain Low

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