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Just a Quick Little Reminder!

June 2nd, 2011 by Jennifer Lee

I am involved in several different support groups that are in line with the diagnosis of my conditions. One of my groups is in utter turmoil right now! I find it very sad! We all need to stick together in the health related issues. As their are many different diseases, however many of these diseases have similar symptoms and they all have similar effects on our lives and those around us! Here a few tips !

1.When you are doing searches on the web to try and find information never assume that this information is     correct. On a blog like mine it is my own personal opinion that I have generated after doing my own research. This does not mean I am a medial professional and this is why I always suggest seeing your doctor if you are ever concerned
2. For those of us who do have to suffer from chronic illness we are not always in the best of moods, but we should always do are best to not make someone feel ousted. This is what happened in the group I am involved in and now the whole group is in trouble as their is no trust.
3. Even though my blog says "who needs doctors" the truth is we all need doctors. My advice is meant to be advice and not medical fact. I also hope that if someone feels they do have a certain condition I may have given them the tools, the confidence, and the knowledge to go to their doctor and get the proper testing done to either rule in or rule out each symptom.
4. The name of the disease is no where near as important as the actual treatment of the disease. I know I have readers who suffer from genetic conditions as well. But speaking from an auto-immune perspective if you are on a med for RA but you have Lupus but for whatever reason you are feeling bettor and not progressing then does it really matter?
5. Well it may matter for one reason insurance purposes....lol but at internal level.
6. I am a real person who writes on my real blog about my own experiences and that of those that I know about because a friend or acquaintance has made me aware of this issue. I do my research on an University System On-Line Database . I often cross-check and make sure that what is written on well known medical sites are currently updated and are correct in what they say but I tend to refer to sites like Mayo or PubMed because they are well known and easy to access.
Well I just wanted to share a few tid bits for those of us who are still seeking help and trying to figure out what may be wrong with them. We should always be kind and try are best to not hurt others feelings. No matter how sick we may feel. I'm glad my blog is a much more positive area then the group who will remain nameless .
Everyone have a good night tomorrow I will post about what happened during my doctors appointment. Fingers to stiff to keep typing for the night. Much Love.

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