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Doctor Dilemma

December 21st, 2011 by Jennifer Lee
I have encountered probably one of the worse times in my life when it comes to my ability to have faith and trust my doctors. Part of this issue is present because doctors don't seem to pay attention to the little stuff.. They want to come in like they know everything and sometimes it seems like they will straight up just lie into your face.. 

Now I'd like to know why this happens. I really don't think that doctors schooling is taught any differently then any other educational field. I had a Rheumatologist tell me that Mayo was not accepting new patients currently when I had an appointment that actually got cancelled because she wouldn't do any paper work that would of allowed me to go. 

She wanted to figure out my case and instead this on selfish act has had a resounding effect on the rest of my heath care.. this same doctor also told me that in order to be able to get a diagnosis of Lupus (SLE) that I would need all 11 of the criteria not just 5 of them like is stated in all of the medical books.. Now she said this in front of a intern and I just wonder is this attitude and behavior just all par for the course?

She never did figure me out. She did end being the cause of my two doctors appointments at Mayo to cancelled.. she then further tells me she won't be doing any further tests because by time I come back she will not be here anymore.. 

She left me with a dermatology referral that didn't do me any good, a 3 month follow-up with an unknown doctor, and with that I needed to urgently see my PCP who is 3 1/2 hours away for my high heart rate (which is seeming to finally come down some thank god)

Well Receptionist said there was no one to take her place this was back in September and they said they would call me with an appointment when she got her replacement. Surprise Surprise I guess that replacement never came!

The Dermatologist told me that I should of stood out in the sun longer if I wanted to prove my malar rash I guess I didn't think that was really necessary since it was already of said to be a malar rash by the rheumy... He told me that I didn't need to waste my time so far away from my home and that I should see one of the dermatologist that were closer to home.. 

The bad thing about that is that there are no dermatologist taking new patients right now so where do I go.. Currently I am waiting on a letter from my 3rd and newest Rheumatologist she somehow seemed negative in my mind. she looked and said you are in no eminent danger (and it's like no kidding) she said that she wasn't sure anything was wrong with me at all. 

And that I'd be lucky if I even would get a diagnosis of Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease she also did run a lot of tests again... Which is great that they are trying to catch something but some people just don't get these tests back as abnormal I tend to be one of those people then for the ones that I do have abnormal it is never quite abnormal enough...lol

With the diagnosis of the Gastroparesis I was hoping to finally be able to say that we have made some serious head way but I feel like these last 2 doctors have actually pushed me a few years backwards into the diagnosis instead.. 

She decided to you the 4 letter F word FIBRO... now I do believe in Fibromyalgia I know that it is real and I know that many people suffer with this really real disease.. However, when you doctor diagnosis's you but doesn't tell you the diagnosis and you get handed 2 books about Fibro and are sent out the door with Blood Tests where they took 14 tubes of blood and a urinalysis it kinda makes you head spin..

My head has been spinning every since I am hoping that I will be able to get my "letter" from the new rheumatologist is and see what her opinion is on the whole situation. However, I am still somewhat fearful she may not even feel the need for me to come and see her again and if this is the case I have quite litter ally run out of doctors that are even worth trying to get to help me at all....

So sad how much we really do need doctors sometimes ( I am only running out of specialist because of the state that I live in North Dakota) there are only so many then you have their "partners" which in my own experience usually doesn't help me out in the least bit..

Sorry for the rant my WND readers but I am just frustrated and watned to give an update!

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