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Daily Bite: Flatter Your Figure with Plus-Sized Clothing

April 12th, 2012 by eHealthGuide

The way you dress may influence the way you feel. If you are a plus sized person, you may think that baggy clothes are the ideal way to hide your extra pounds. However, these baggy clothes are not flattering and they don't make you feel good about yourself. You can dress in a sexy manner even if you require plus sized clothes.

Dark Colors

Black is the color that makes you look slimmer, and it is also a sexy color. However, if you want to wear other colors, you need to pay attention to your choice of colors. Opt for darker colors such as gray, dark red, purple or dark blue. Stay away from white and yellow, which may make you look larger.


Opt for horizontal stripes, which create the illusion that your figure is longer and slimmer.

Accentuate Your Waistline

Find the smallest part of your waist and emphasize it with a scarf or a thick belt in a solid color. This gives you an hour-glass shape and accentuates your curves, which can be really sexy.


Opt for tops that have some cleavage. If your breasts are smaller, the cleavage will make them look more generous. If your breasts are larger, the cleavage will make your waist appear thinner and your figure longer.

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