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Welcome to America, Where We Have Criminalized Mental Illness: The Case of My Sister, Attorney Anne Bremner

September 3rd, 2010 by Doug Bremner
It's a great place to live if you are a slice of plain white bread.

It's a great place to live if you are a slice of plain white bread.

On June 3, 2010, my sister Anne Bremner, an attorney from Seattle, WA, who is a frequent commenter on legal matters onFOX, CNN, and other channels, was side swiped by a car, driven off the road, crashed, and hit her head and suffered a concussion.She wascoming from aparty where she’d had a couple of glasses of wine, but wasobserved to be functioning normally when she left the party.

She later admitted that she was bipolar and was on medications for the same, and that low levels of her medications caused her to have a manic reaction after the crash. She has pled guilty to Driving Under the Influence (DUI), and has stated that one drink before driving is one too many. During the manic episode she said some crazy things and acted in an erractic way, for which she is sorry.

She initially did not want to reveal her bipolar disorder as she thought it would affect her career.

OK, now, whoever thinks that revealing the fact that you are bipolar won’t affect your law practice, stand up and wave your arms.

[no takers? Oh, OK]

The fact is that Anne has never lost a case, as prosecutor or defender, from what I understand. Which means that she is a pretty good attorney.

The other thing Anne doesn’t talk about is our troubled chilhood, how our mother died suddenly when she was 7 and I was 4. How many people who had that happen to them do you know who are leading attorneys? I have been in therapy for several years related to this and I haved urged my sister to do the same, and take this “moment” as a wakeup call, as I took my own “wakeup call” of a few years ago.

Now let’s go back to seattletimes.com or seattlepi.com and see how many commenters heaped scorn on her late admission that she suffered from bipolar disorder to explain what happened. Most of them said it was an excuse, which shows that they don’t know anything about bipolar, or mental illness. The Seattle community can be quite provincial. In know, I grew up in the area. They call themselves “God’s Country” and think that anyone from outside the area is a mutant. The only challenge I ever got to this blog was when I wrote a (joke) letter to the landlord ofSeattle journalist Philip Dawdy, stating that he needed to smoke because he had bipolar disorder (they were threatening to kick him out because he, gasp, smoked in his private residence). That triggered an official complaint to my university. Score one for the eco-fascists. As for the multiple people on truejustice.org or Perugia Murder File who have spent countless hours comparing my sister’s picture on her web site to random pictures on the web, and commenting on botox, hair pieces and other issues, don’t you see this for the sexism that it is? Trying to label a successful woman as “blonde” or focused on appearance is shameful when she is a successful attorney. Also spinning conspiracy theories about how she got help from local lawyers or psychiatrists is complete nonsense. If you need a support or social network, maybe you should look elsewhere than your True Crime blogs or local Seattle newspaper forums.

Maybe we should just take all people with the tag “mental illness” out behind the barn and shoot them. Which I guess includes my sister, who from whatever I can tell, is by any measureable standard one of the best attorneys in her city of Seattle.

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