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Seattle Times Fails to Disclose Conflict of Interest in Anne Bremner Case; Disclosure of Documents Comes to an End

September 8th, 2010 by Doug Bremner

Concluding the end of a several month investigation by the Seattle Times related to my sister attorney Anne Bremner pleading guilty to a DUI, the Seattle Times has continued in their failure to reveal a conflict of interest related to the fact that they were involved in a lawsuit with a committee co-chaired by my sister, called the “Committee for a Two Paper Town“. Some of the local citizens thought that it might be a good idea to have two newspapers to have two sources of political opinion. Big mistake.

The background is that from 1983 to 2009 the Seattle Times and P-I shared a “joint operating aggreement’ (JOA) whereby advertising, production and marketing were controlled by the Seattle Times. In 2003 the Times tried to cancel the JOA, which led to the P-I (owned by Hearst) filing suit. After an extended lawsuit the Times (owned by the Blethen family), won out, and the Pi- went to a non-print only version.

BTW the commenter from the Times article that “this lady is nuts” is exactly correct. In the police station she was in the midst of a full blown manic episode. However her bipolar disorder has been controlled for the past 20 years under *normal* circumstances and she is not using bipolar as any excuse for her actions. She has said “one drink is one too many before driving a vehicle.”

Meanwhile the anti-Amanda Knox crowd continues to post vitriol on whatever interet forum they can, true to form. I registered last week on truejustice.org last week, but was blocked. They seem particularly interested in defending the Italian judicial system, which as anyone with direct knowledge knows, is flawed.

My sister stated that her accident was a “perfect storm” related to head injury, wine, and bipolar disorder. I would submit that it is a perfect storm related to coming up against the Seattle Times, Italy, and former defeated lawyers.

In my profession as an academic physician, such a gross failure to disclose conflict of interest (COI) would have led to immediate ridicule and rejection of the content displayed. Although I revealed this obvious COI several days ago, there has been no revealing of the COI by the times, although they acknowledged this last blog.

As a further example of biased reporting, the Times reports the police reports the police view that damage to the side of my sister’s car (which they did not acknowledge at all until today, although the vehicle report was posted here last week, and even mentioned in their comments section) could have been caused by a stationary vehicle. However the damage was to the left side of the car, and my sister was not driving on the wrong side of the freeway, unlike most of the Seattle poli0ticians convicted of DUI over the past few years.

Most of the comments about the accident have been along the lines of “you lie” although noone can say what the lie is about exactly. People can comment freely on this web site if they want. So far I have not encountered any significant criticism.

Much of the vitriol seems to be coming from the anti-Amanda Knox case. I was blocked from commenting on the truejustice.org web site. I partially translated the Micheli report.

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