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Does Italy Have Freedom of Speech? Google Blocks Perugia Blogger Critical of Amanda Knox Prosecutor Mignini

May 11th, 2011 by Doug Bremner

Freedom of speech exists in Perugia for Giuliano Mignini and no one else.

Freedom of speech exists in Perugia for Giuliano Mignini and no one else.

Today Google blocked the “Perugia Shock” blog of Perugia blogger Frank Sfarzo in response to a charge of libel brought against him by Amanda Knox prosecutor Giuliano Mignini (you can read more background here and here and read about the fake “confession” here). This is the same Mignini who was recently interviewed by CNN correspondent Drew Griffin looking particularly loony and unbelievable as he stated that he knew Amanda Knox was guilty just by looking at her, even before there was any evidence, and kept changing his story about journalist Doug Preston, author of The Monster of Florence. I have dubbed Mignini the Monster of Perugia after he targeted Sfarzo, the only indepedent journalist who attended the trial and has had the guts to speak the truth, by having the Squadra Mobile invade his house, beat him up, and try and get him committed to a psychiatric hospital for having an “obsession” with the Amanda Knox case. Mignini also jailed Italian journal Mario Spezi on multiple occasions, and has brought charges against eight other journalists who wrote about the Amanda Knox case, as well as the families of both Amanda and her boyfriend at the time Raffaele Sollecito, and Amanda herself.

Frank was the last person from Perugia who was trying to write truthfully about the case and this loss of free speech and journalist freedom is very troubling. Is Perugia really a place we want to send our children to study?

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