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Who are Birth Mothers?

March 29th, 2011 by ddavanport

The part of the adoption triad we hear the least about is the birth parent. (Adoption Triad is adoptionese for the group of people connected through adoptionthe adopted person, adoptive parents, and first parents). Let me stop for a minute to say that some people prefer the term “birth parent” and some prefer “first parent”, some prefer the spelling birth mother, and some prefer birthmother. In an attempt to be respectful to everyone, I’ll try to alternate.

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You are so right about needing to be comfortable using the term "birth mother" and "birth father". That is one of the reasons I strongly encourage parents to start talking about adoption when their child is an infant. He may not understand you, but you are becoming more comfortable with the language and story, so that when he is old enough to understand, you're an old hat at telling it.
on 04-17-2011 06:56am by ddavanport
I have found in talking my child about her adoption that using birth parent works well. She understands what it means and it sounds more respectful when talking about her bith parent. I agree with being respectful how ever you also need to be comfortable with the term. The child needs to know you are compfortable tlaking about it.
on 04-16-2011 17:21pm by Healthy5
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