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This Has To Be A Real Step Forward And May Even Save A Few Lives!

January 29th, 2018 by davidmore
This appeared last week:How the ACT is eliminating hospital errorsBy Justin Hendry on Jan 22, 2018 6:00AM New systems cross-reference patient with process.ACT Health has embarked on a clinical systems transformation that will see patients electronically cross-referenced with pathology orders and medication at their bedside in an effort to eliminate errors at the point of care.The territory's health directorate has completely overhauled how it interacts with patients to banish the paper-based records and processes that are the traditional causes of mixed up blood samples and medications in hospitals.Despite having made a significant effort to strengthen these processes in recent years, ACT Health wasn't getting the reduction in avoidable errors it wanted. So it starting looking at electronic tools to eliminate transcription mistakes.Chief information officer Peter O'Halloran and team decided to take the bold step of equipping Health's electronic record systems with...

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