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The UK National Health Service (NHS) Announces A New Information Strategy. Different Horses for Different Courses.

June 8th, 2012 by davidmore
Big news for the UK NHS a few weeks ago. http://www.ehi.co.uk/news/primary-care/7760/new-nhs-information-strategy-unveiled New NHS information strategy unveiled 21 May 2012   Jon Hoeksma The new NHS information strategy, published today, urges health and social care services to make full use of online technologies to put patients in control of their health and health records. The strategy puts a particular emphasis on the creation of portals for patients, health professionals, commissioners and researchers, in a series of moves that health secretary Andrew Lansley says will free up the "power" of information. A national portal will be created as the definitive source of trusted information on health and social care by 2013. The NHS portal will inform patients decisions on selecting treatments and providers. This fits with the central theme of shifting to a presumption of sharing information within and between health and social care providers, and capturing data...

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