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The myHR Becomes A Touch Political Would Seem. Interesting.

April 18th, 2017 by davidmore
This came up in the discussion re access to Opt-Out myHR Records.Media Release Catherine King MPShadow Minister For Health And Medicare = Member For BallaratANOTHER HEALTH BUNGLE OPEN SLATHER ON YOUR HEALTH DATA UNDER TURNBULL The revelation that hundreds of thousands of health practitioners will be given open access to sensitive health data is extremely concerning.Reports today say that electronic health records will be automatically set to universal access under the Turnbull Governments opt-out scheme, meaning health practitioners will automatically have access to an individuals full medical history whether it is relevant to the treatment they are administering or not.This means that a dentist or optometrist could know if someone has had an abortion, or their history of mental illness, even if a person has not disclosed it to them.Given the Turnbull Governments appalling IT record, Australians have every right to be worried about their rollout of this project, Ms King...

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