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The Medical Republic and Jeremy Knibbs Are On A Roll As Far As The myHR Is Concerned.

May 17th, 2017 by davidmore
This appeared late last week:http://medicalrepublic.com.au/myhr-might-now-mother-red-tape/893912 May 2017MyHR might now be the mother of all red tapePosted by Jeremy Knibbs In the ABC satire Utopia, the head of department asks a consultant to do an independent review of a recent project. The consultant asks: What do you want the findings to be?The government-commissioned report by the Siggins Miller consultancy on the My Health Record trials is life imitating art. Here are 10 reasons why this report feels a lot like it is what the Department of Health wanted it to be.1. A compulsory MyHR?So far, not one key stakeholder has bought into the MyHR in a meaningful manner, except, of course, for the government itself. Not patients, not healthcare professionals, not key service providers such as software vendors or private pathology.So, after $1.5 billion and counting, what is the governments answer to this dilemma? Make it compulsory? Sorry.What if the system and the concept are (or...

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