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October 11th, 2017 by davidmore
October 12, 2017 Edition.Trump was having and OK week until he decided on ideological / religious grounds to defund contraception for millions of women. He really is a misogynist crepe as far as I am concerned.He has also remarked that he has a surprise for NK, but wont say what it is! He really is an adolescent idiot with behaviour like this. No wonder his Secretary  of State looks like leaving.This is really a very bad dream from which we all need to wake up!-----In Australia the SSM Postal Survey seems to be working and it looks like the lying nit-wits of the no case are going to lose based on the ABS turnout figures and polls. We will see mid-November.Economically it rather looks like the snapping noises you have been hearing are wallets closing as retail spending plummets. The debt load seems to be starting to worry some!We are also seeing the Australian Dollar fall a little in the last few weeks so that might help the exporting parts of our economy which would be...

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