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September 14th, 2017 by davidmore
September 14th , 2017 Edition.On the overseas front we now see President Trump sulking in the White House frustrated with North Korea and the ongoing fiasco internally. It is interesting that the Secretaries of State and Defence are really seeming to still operate independent of Trump. Everyone is waiting for want comes next with the National Day in the DPRK on Saturday!Elsewhere Trump is being a cruel and nasty as he can to those of colour and immigrants.Hurricane Harvey has turned out to be a calamity of quite epic proportions and over the weekend it seems Hurricane Irma will be even worse if that is possible! Irma is now said to be the worst storm in the area ever recorded!-----In Australia we are seeing even more extreme solutions being argued on virtually every front and the dysfunction rolls on. The Energy Debate is becoming frenzied and we are going ahead with the postal survey so all is obviously well with the worst NOT!----- Thursday Update: Hurricane  Irma was very bad...

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