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August 9th, 2017 by davidmore
August 10, 2017 Edition.On the overseas front we now see President Trump going on leave for a couple of weeks and hopefully leaving Gen. Kelly in charge to sort it all out!If he fails we are in deep do-do! Thursday Update Sadly Trump seems to want to poke the North Korean Regime with a large stick and the threat of Nuclear War. Sabre rattling +++ and the world's nerves are a bit on edge. NK missiles are apparently going to be launched at Guam in the next day or two. I hope they don't bit if they do all bets are off with that nutter in the White House! -----In Australia Labor continues to lead in the polls and letting same sex couples marry is causing havoc in the Coalition. Parliament comes back next week so it has been lively! Energy policy and the CBA scandal also gather air-time! Last, it seems we are now to have a postal vote with Tone opposing and Bill pro things. What a hopeless mess. We are almost as bad as The Donald!-----Here are a few other things I have...

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