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August 2nd, 2017 by davidmore
August 3, 2017 Edition.On the overseas front we now see President Trump firing all and sundry and appointing an apparent psychopath (known as The Mooch) as his Communications Director. The speed at which this is going downhill is just amazing!Additionally Trump is in awful trouble with his so called health care reform legislation. Every tactic to get even minimal change legislated has failed making it totally clear that the US is basically ungovernable.Worse for Trump the Congress has now passed a law to make the Russian sanctions tighter and the majority is apparently veto-proof.Of course we have also had more North Korean missile firing!!-----In Australia Labor continues to lead in the polls and the farce of who can and cant be in Parliament because of citizenship has spun totally out of control distracting everybody.Here is the claim:-----Here are a few other things I have noticed.-----National Budget...

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