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The ADHA Minutes For October 2017 Show The Usage Of The myHR Has Essentially Died.

November 13th, 2017 by davidmore
The ADHA published the Board Minutes last week:Board PapersThe intent of the Board is to publish as many Board documents as is feasible. Information and attachments to Board documents that are draft, not finalised or sensitive will not be published. An exception is made for draft material already in the public domain (in this instance the Board Advisory Committee Charters released on 16 September 2016). Board Meeting 11 October 2017 - Board Papers (Download)Item 5 - CEO Report - 11 October 2017 (Word, 117kB)Item 6.6 - National Collaborative Network (Word, 104kB)Item 6.6 - Attachment A - NCNCHI (Word, 341kB)Item 6.6 - Attachment B - NCNCHI (Word, 57kB)Item 6.6 - Attachment C - NCNCHI (Word, 83kB)Item 6.6 - Attachment D - NCNCHI (PDF, 291kB)Item 6.7 - Intergovernmental Agreement (Word, 156kB)Item 6.7 - Attachment A - Inter-Governmental Agreement on National Digital Health 2016-18 (PDF, 912kB)Item 6.11 - Annual Report 2016-17 (Word,...

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