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It Is Really Sad That So Many Are Being Fooled By The ADHA Propaganda On The MyHR.

March 12th, 2018 by davidmore
This appeared a few days ago.DTA taking 'one bite of the elephant at a time': SlaterThe Digital Transformation Agency's CEO Gavin Slater is drawing on his 17 years at NAB to work towards a more 'competitive' digital experience for those using government platforms.By Jonathan Chadwick | March 8, 2018 -- 01:32 GMT (12:32 AEDT) | Topic: Digital Transformation Whether or not an organisation is working in government or the private sector, customers will want for four things, according to Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) CEO Gavin Slater: Being digitally mobile; being secure; offering accessibility; and offering a degree of personalisation.Speaking at the Salesforce World Tour 2018 in Sydney this week, Slater said that in digitally transforming the government through the DTA, he was able to draw on his experience in the private sector, having spent 17 years in various roles at the National Australia Bank (NAB) before joining the DTA as CEO 11 months ago."In the private sector you have...
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