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Human Error Is A Key Driver Of Health Information Leaks and Breaches It Seems.

May 6th, 2016 by davidmore
This appeared last week:Human element the weakest link in healthcare security, says Verizon reportThe majority of threats to security are from external sources that prey on the bad habits of personnel.By Jessica DavisApril 26, 2016 09:47 AM"Hackers are beginning to impersonate executives to get the data they want," said Suzanne Widup, senior analyst on the Verizon RISK team.Stolen credentials, privilege misuse and miscellaneous errors were the three biggest causes for health data breaches in 2015, according to the 9th annual Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report released Tuesday.The majority of threats come from outside of organizations rather than with internal actors. Furthermore, there's an increasing trend of external culprits taking advantage of employees' missteps online."There's a pronounced trend of a combination of social engineering, like phishing that is followed by hacking actions," said Suzanne Widup, senior analyst on the Verizon RISK team. "Hackers are beginning to...

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All humans make mistakes. Some studies reported that 95 percent of all security incidents involve human error.In healthcare industry,its a difficuilt task to educate employees because majority of them are medical professionals.Cybersecurity related online communities become a good reference for employees to get more information.I would like to suggest,cybersecurity related community,which is a right guide for me to get healthcare cybersecurity informations.
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