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How Different Is The Health Sector From Other Parts Of Our Economy? Part Of A Course I Am Developing.

October 17th, 2012 by davidmore
I am working quietly to develop a unit of a Masters Course for Health Managers. One of the topics I am trying to cover, briefly, is why the Health Sector is a bit different. Would love comments on what I have wrong or have missed. ----- Begin Extract Health Sector Culture. While hard to explicitly pin down there is a sense that the nature and responsibilities associated with the delivery of health care drives a workplace culture in the sector (at the coal-face of care delivery) which is different from other workplaces. Some aspects of this culture are important when considering the operations of the sector, especially as this is related to the use of and interaction with technology. Aspects of the culture that may be relevant include: 1. Conservatism - because much of what is done in the delivery of care has not changed over a long period sticking with the tried and true seems both safe and sensible. 2. An understanding of hierarchy and the associated responsibilities....

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