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Digital Rights And Privacy Are Important To Many Of Us. Here Is Some Current Evidence.

December 4th, 2017 by davidmore
This appeared a few days ago:It's not too late to fight for our digital rights. Here's how we startBy Ariadne Vromen, Kimberlee Weatherall, Fiona Martin and Gerard Goggin27 November 2017 Uber's admission that it covered up a major data hack affecting 57 million users is the latest example of a mass infringement of digital rights.As our worlds move ever more online, to the benefit of major technology firms such as Uber, Facebook, and Google, the need for a frank and open discussion about our digital rights has become urgent. Government, as a central home to so much of our personal data, must be part of this mix.Why it mattersVoicing concerns about technology is not new. As David Brooks noted in the New York Times, "the left is attacking tech companies because they are mammoth corporations; the right is attacking them because they are culturally progressive." If we leave politicised critiques to one side and look at why the public is concerned about their data, we see their worries are...

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