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A Useful Summary, For The Layman, On Upcoming Health Data Breach Law Implementation.

May 17th, 2017 by davidmore
This appeared a few days ago:How will Australias mandatory data breach notification law affect health service providers Russell Kennedy Australia May 10 2017 The apparent privacy breach illustrates the potential harm to reputation of health service providers and underscores the need to improve information handling practices in order to minimise the need to comply with the mandatory data breach obligation.This article briefly summarises the incident at the John Fawkner Privacy Hospital and explains, in general detail, the obligations health services providers assume when the mandatory data breach notification obligations begin to apply.Between now and 22 February 2018 (when the data breach notification obligations take effect, according to the Privacy Commissioner), health service providers should:Review their privacy policies and internal data handling procedures to ensure that they are up to date, accurate and comprehensive;Review arrangements with suppliers to ensure...

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