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What Is a Nocturnal Frontal Lobe Epilepsy Seizure?

January 3rd, 2011 by robert mckee
If your partner jerks repeatedly at night or makes any other sudden, reoccurring movements, he may have a condition called nocturnal frontal lobe seizures. The condition, which can only be diagnosed by a doctor, can be classified as two different types and has many different symptoms and causes.

    Frontal lobe

  1. The frontal lobe is located at the front of the brain. According to the Centre for Neuro Skills, your personality and emotion functions reside in the frontal lobe. It also helps control motor functions and language, attributes to memory and even takes a part in helping you make decisions.
  2. Seizures

  3. A seizure occurs when electrical activity in the brain increases. During a seizure, neurons in the brain send electric signals quickly and without order. This confuses the brain and can causes tensing or shaking of the body and absences where the person appears to be lost in thought.
  4. Types

  5. According to eMedicine, a seizure that happens in the front lobe is likely a simple partial or complex partial seizure. "Partial" means that the seizure happens only in that one area of the brain. "Simple" and "complex" refer to what parts of the lobe the seizure affects. Simple partial usually affect only one or two functions of the lobe, while complex will affect many functions and will spread to other parts of the brain.
  6. Nocturnal seizures

  7. Frontal lobe seizures which happen at night (nocturnally) usually affect a person's motor skills. He might jerk his arms around, rock his body or even look like he's riding a bicycle.
  8. Causes

  9. While doctors cannot always say why a seizure occurs, tumors and head trauma are common causes. Frontal lobe seizures can also be inherited or arise from malformation in the brain. It is never contagious.

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