Press Releases

  • Free Ask a Doctor online services can save lives

    Consumers are not just looking to doctors for health information online. A new poll of over 4,800 health consumers from reveals that consumers value BOTH doctor and patient sources. In fact, website visitors prefer to rely on patient-only or patient-doctor opinion 63% of the time. Ask a Doctor programs must integrate both perspectives to gain critical audience trust in order to provide effective, timely and potentially life-saving services.

  • CASE STUDIES: Ask a Doctor services can save lives

    Case studies from that demonstrate how both doctor experts and novice patients can provide medical help.

  • Latest consumer health report from eHealth Forum reveals die-hard habits negative to general health and wellbeing

    Today, eHealth releases the findings of its latest survey looking at how people prioritize their health, well being and vanity. While the results indicate that people are considering their basic health needs, over pampering and grooming, there are some surprisingly negative highlights.

  • SURVEY RESULTS: Consumer health and lifestyle habits

    Medical information poll
    The vanity vs. health survey was implemented to find out how well we look after our general health in comparison to beauty rituals and unhealthy habits. These results are unbiased and collected anonymously from some of eHealth Forum’s 2.5 million monthly visitors. The survey was conducted in the US, UK and Canada […]

  • eHealth Forum highlights detrimental effects of economic downturn on individual health and holds out a supportive hand

    Over 3,000 people from US, UK and Canada answered questions relating to impact of the world’s economic downturn on their personal lives. And the results weren’t all that peachy. Read on to learn more.

  • Survey highlights over two thirds of patients do no preparation for their doctor appointment

    Being ill-prepared can have ill effects. A new poll from eHealthForum suggests that patients don’t know how to communicate effectively with their medical practitioner. This can lead to wasted appointment time, wasted money, misdiagnoses and even the wrong prescriptions being issued…

  • Lack of education about killer virus is still epidemic

    According to eHealth Forum’s latest survey more than half the respondents were NOT intending to get vaccinated against the flu virus this year… And for those that do, it might still be too late…

  • ARTICLE: Is your social network killing your ad revenues?

    We’ve had B2B for business to business and we know B2C for business to consumer territories. Now the world of social media has introduced us to a third concept: C2C, perhaps the most important development in marketing speak for decades. Consumer to Consumer power is the new word of mouth. So how can companies optimise this trend in terms of revenue?

  • Guilt ridden employees missing out on doctors appointments

    eHealthForum advises that looking after yourself properly can help keep your job safe. A recent poll shows that almost a third (30.22 percent) of people surveyed feel guilty about taking the time to attend a doctor’s appointment during office hours. The effects of ignoring workplace health include longer recovery times, potentially infecting colleagues, or

  • ARTICLE: Telemedical Technology

    Consumers increasingly access information once reserved exclusively for the medical establishment

    The internet plays a central role in creating an informed patient population. This article explores the ways that consumers are using tools across the web to inform themselves about health issues and are, in the process, empowering themselves in traditional clinical settings.