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Patient to patient: community health forums

“I am crying tears of joy after reading your member’s response to my medical situation. For the first time in two years you have suggested a medical diagnosis that actually makes perfect sense to me. My potassium level has dropped to 2.8, 2.7 and 2.9 in the last two years and I have woken in the middle of the night feeling like I might die at any second. It’s been the worst two years of my life so far. Now, I feel confident I can go back to my internal medicine physician with a new game plan. I will report back to the forums with my new findings.Thank you.” - Diana E.

“I was so thrilled to discover this website, in my search for more information on a back pain issue my Mom is having, and was so pleased to have received a detailed and caring answer from another member, the day after my first post. I look forward to being a part of this wonderful site…Thank you for this!” - Ontariogrrl

Doctor to patient: Ask a Doctor forums

“Thank you so much more than I can express. I saw the orthopedic doctor and he was planning on talking to me about back surgery for more stenosis, this time in upper lumbar, near my kidneys and pelvic areas where I have had infection bad recently. He was completely astonished by my rapid improvement on isoniazid, change in posture -straighter -and pain diminished and attitude greatly improved and just so much more energy and not so red-faced. I explained about the isoniazid helping so much, esp. my back.

He said: “Well you know you can get tuberculosis in the spine,” and I said “Yes! I know, and I think I may have it or some kind of infection there that is responding to the isoniazid.” He said I needed a spinal tap but could not order it due to his limitations, but he noted my chart and had me call the infectious disease doc and explain my improvements and request the test. Hopefully, I will have a scope for this problem and more information for the best treatment. I couldn’t have done it without the help and expertise of Dr. Nikola. He gave me the courage and knowledge to help me talk to my doctors and know what to ask for and help me understand if it might be necessary. He is a very great man. I wish him congratulations on his new fatherhood and thanks for his kind kind help. This “disease” or condition was slowly killing me, bit by bit, but now I feel like I at least have an idea of how I might get better. Thanks so much Lee for your all your help too. Very sincerely, curediwish

“I was very much impressed by by my answer, and guess what????? I visited my doctor and he told me the exact same thing, and I was put on norethisterone for the hormonal imbalance.. thank you so much and i will be visiting very often one again i say thanks!!!!!!!!! once again, many thanks!!!!!!!!!” - shana456

“Thank you for the response. As it was, your answer was correct. For the record, Dr. Aleksovski did respond faster than my Mum’s own pulmonologist did! So thank you for your help..” - Deb for Eunice

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