Eli Lilly and Company are facing a number of lawsuits regarding theirantidepressant Cymbalta DuloxetineConsumers of the drug, which is also used to treat various pain disorders, are claiming that Eli ...
Like PCP all over again.Synthetic cannabis-like Spice drugs were first introduced in early 2004, and quickly created a global marketplace. But the drugs responsible for the psychoactive effects of Spi...
Dr Dawson, I presume, is either getting his rocks off or away licking his wounds somewhere as he comes under fire from a number of patient advocates.George Dawson, MD, a psychiatrist from the United S...
A post appeared on theWZZM 13 website a few days ago that caught my attention and caused yet another deep sigh.78 year-old Bob Farthing Pictured was found dead in the back of his car on Friday 17th Ja...
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