ByAllison Romero, DPT Propecia aka finasteride is the only FDA-approved oral drug on the market prescribed for treating androgenetic alopecia-more commonly called male pattern baldness MPB. Unfortunat...
ByAllison Romero, DPT If you play with sex steroid hormones using finasteride propecia the goal offinasteride propeciais to reduce the synthesis of the sex steroid hormone dihydrotestosterone then you...
By Malinda Wright Every year over 70,000 American women are diagnosed with gynecological cancer, according to the CDC. A diagnosis of gynecological cancer can be devastating, but, as medical technolog...
By Casie Danenhauer Last week we began acase study review about Kelly. As you may recall, we discussed Kellys two year history of pelvic pain and my evaluationheres Part 1 if you havent read it.Today ...
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