By Stephanie Prendergast I treated my first patient with Pudendal Neuralgia in 2002. As a young, excitable pelvic floor physical therapist, I was on a mission to help people suffering from pelvic pain...
By Stephanie Prendergast It has been an eventful few weeks in pelvic health news Weve summarized the top stories and included our commentary. Pelvic pain may be common among reproductive-age women, NI...
Earlier this year Liz and I completed our manuscript for our book, Pelvic Pain Explained. Writing it was a challenging process, to say the least. We are hopeful that this book will raise awareness abo...
ByAllison Romero, DPT If you play with sex steroid hormones using finasteride propecia the goal offinasteride propeciais to reduce the synthesis of the sex steroid hormone dihydrotestosterone then you...
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