Neurological Disorders

Today is definitely a good day; a day I have no choice, but to share with the world.After over 5 years of pain, illness, fear and uncertainty I'm finally able to return to work That may not seem like ...
I take for granted that I have a broader understanding of cerebral palsy because I live it. I forget that not everyone has the same understanding of the disability. I remain humble but admittedly forg...
I have always known of my cerebral palsy and I feel blessed by this, I know of people who for one reason or another find out about their CP later in life. This still shocks me, heres why. I am Continu...
bySherri Jones-The attached video was by posted in an Irish Journal and tells the story of Rei Haycraft; A woman living with the effects of an Invisible Disease known asEhler Danlos Syndrome EDS.EDS i...
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